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Continuing in 2013 to ensure a safer CHOICE always remains available to UK paragliding pilots!

Dual Control Tandem training flight video clips

These are just a few of our YouTube clips, to view all the clips use the YouTube link at the top left of any webpage

Training flights on our Dual Control Tandem paraglider, G-BZJI, a Nova X-Large 37, are conducted all year round on days with suitable flying conditions, generally for Dual Control tandem training flights it is best if the conditions are a bit stronger than we look for for the early stages of solo flight training. In addition to a lot of ‘top landing’ tandem flying, training often takes place on sites which are top drivable on lighter days provided a retrive driver is available or at the Scottish Ski Centers with chairlifts  running (Glenshee, Glencoe & Nevis Range) , avoiding the time & effort in climbing back to the launch height and carrying all the equipment!

For training flights with lighter pilots (G-BZJI has a weight range of 150 - 220 kg) we also use a smaller Nova X-Large 31 (weight range 135 -175 kg)

Old (‘weight shift’ > Wing Warping’) Clip showing:Hill slope launch, then beats, with advisory R/T call to ATC etc.


Coastal low ridge soaring tandem training flight, last 5 mins, ending with landing


Student filming while taking a break for the controls on a 3 1/2 hour long Dual Control thermal & hill soaring training flight. This ‘Day One’ student is a fit outdoor activities instructor!


New Zealand student up from London for his forth weekend training in Scotland, 2nd big mountain flight (top to bottom) at Anoch Mor (Nevis Range)


Hill & thermal flying in Fife, 2008. One student up from England joined at lunch time by two from Aberdeen and then one from Edinburgh mid afternoon, all out for the first time paragliding.


A short clip showing the student’s first thermal & hill flying day, the footage gives a good view of the control system/glider.


Clip showing ‘Light Air’ tandem ‘Lazy & Efficent’ launches, 4 short flights for the farmer and folk at one of our main Fife sites.


The farmers son on the controls (a couple of hrs airtime) on his first day flying, filmed at one of our SE ridge/thermal sites in Angus


English student on his 2nd trip up to Scotland, Dual control training at a low coastal ridge site, bottom launch to ‘reverse’ back & up into the lift band.


Aberdeen pilot Dual Control flying Bishop in Fife on a thermal & ridge day towards the end of his RE-training


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