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Continuing in 2013 to ensure a safer CHOICE always remains available to UK paragliding pilots!

East Scotland Paragliding Club

ESP membership is open to all pilots who meet (or will shortly meet) and MAINTAIN the following:

  • Pilots MUST have 2 Million Pounds Public Liability Insurance for the UK
  • Pilots must have flown 25 hours
  • Pilots must maintain a currency of 25 hrs per year
  • To fly on their own at club sites pilots must be maintain a 30 day currency of 5 hours
  • Pilots MUST comply with the ANO and other relevant acts of UK law (i.e. NO 2 m radios to carried on club sites)
  • Pilots must agree to respect the occasional restrictions/requests from Landowners of the negotiated club sites
  • NO vehicles ‘off road’ other than authorised ones on club sites, parking as per Landowner agreements

Membership is open to both BHPC & BHPA CP rated pilots (UK), and all (Non UK) sporting body PG pilots of similar ratings or above PROVIDED THEY CAN DEMONSTRATE A HIGHER STANDARD THAN THAT WHICH GENERATES THE ACCIDENT RATES TYPICALLY SEEN AMONGST BHPA PILOTS.

Membership will also be accepted from independent pilots who can demonstrate a high flying standard

Membership Fees: Pilots agree to contribute approx.. 20 pounds in value per year in cash, bottles or other services to help run the club/club negotiated flying sites.

NB. Annual fees do not include contributions towards ‘top driving’ in the clubs 4x4 pickup.. donations on the day to fue cost etc. are always greatly appreciated!

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